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Terms and Conditions Ming San Consultancy Limited 條款及細則

This disclaimer and notice applies to all information, materials, content, products and services stored, accessed, obtained, offered or otherwise made available including but not limited to :

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6. mysanft.com
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of Ming San Consultancy Limited .

Please read the terms and conditions of use of this website (Terms) carefully. By using, browsing, and / or reading this website, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, you must immediately stop using the related website or any related services.

Users of any information, materials, content, products and services stored, accessed, obtained, offered or otherwise made available on or through the website and servers of Ming San Consultancy Limited shall be at their own risk.

Users accessing the website and servers of Ming San Consultancy Limited shall be responsible for satisfying themselves that they are so permitted by the applicable law and under the relevant jurisdiction.

Ming San Consultancy Limited expressly, to the extent permitted by law, disclaims any
responsibility, representation or warranty:/
in relation to the quality, operation, use, accuracy, timeliness or fitness for any purpose of the website or servers of Ming San Consultancy Limited including whether they are uninterrupted, error free, virus free, contaminating or destructive;

in relation to any products and services accessed, offered or obtained through the website or servers of Ming San Consultancy Limited;

in relation to the use or reliance of any information, materials and content stored, accessed, obtained, or otherwise made available on or through the website or servers of Ming San Consultancy Limited and for any error, omission or misstatement in or arising therefrom;

for any direct or indirect loss arising from the above.

Payment policy

Ming San Consultancy Limited’s fees for some items will be collected through Stripe, a third-party online payment system. Ming San Consultancy Limited will never retain any related information, let alone use it for other purposes.

Ming San Consultancy Limited does not guarantee any specific results after using any services and products; nor does it represent or guarantee specific results or reactions. All service and product contents and descriptions are for reference only. The final decision is determined by Ming San Consultancy Limited.

Once you agree to pay, you agree to pay the fees you agree to (including the surcharges indicated on the order form or the order page) without cancelling bank or credit card transactions.

Monthly fee items or repetitive items will be collected on your credit card regularly. Please check your order form details or order page before purchasing to learn about the courses you are enrolled in.


Ming San Consultancy Limited does not guarantee that you will get specific results or money after applying our strategies and recommendations. The content and services on our website are not promises or guarantees about your future income.
You expressly agree that you assume the sole risk of using or not using any service.

You also understand that all webpages, websites, services, content, and customer opinions mentioned are not scientifically estimated, but the personal experience of the parties, the effect varies from person to person, any statements in our website are purely personal opinions. No specific performance is guaranteed or promised.

We do not provide legal, medical, psychological or financial advice. If the relevant information and content is similar to law, medicine, psychology or finance, it is for reference only. You also agree that the relevant information and content is for reference only and does not guarantee or promise specific performance.

Refund policy

No refunds (including deposits) for any products and services once payment is completed
In case of any disputes, Ming San Consultancy Limited reserves the right of final decision.

the term

All services have no specific arrival date, and all delivery dates are for estimation and reference only.

Medical disclaimer

Products or courses or services covered by this agreement. And any content is at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any physical or non-physical damages incurred as a result of using this product or service.


Nothing in this agreement will be construed or interpreted as establishing any kind of cooperative project, partnership, employment relationship or agency relationship.


Ming San Consultancy Limited may amend this agreement from time to time without notice. You agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and future amendments, which will be posted on the Ming San Consultancy Limited website. You should review this Agreement while using the product or course or service to detect any changes.


This agreement may not be transferred without the written consent of Ming San Consultancy Limited. Any intent to assign will constitute a miss or breach of the agreement and invalidate the agreement.
Ming San Consultancy Limited may assign or transfer all or part of the rights and obligations of Ming San Consultancy Limited under this agreement.

Third party beneficiaries

This agreement deals solely with the interests of the signatory and its successors or authorized agents, and does not confer any rights or compensation on any other person or legal person.

Regulatory law

This agreement and related actions are governed by the laws of Hong Kong, regardless of the legal principles they choose. The parties to the agreement agree to this single jurisdiction and will be heard by a Hong Kong court.


If a dispute arises during the implementation of this agreement, either party may request the other party’s mediation procedure in Hong Kong in writing to resolve the dispute by arbitration. Failure to investigate will not limit Ming San Consultancy Limited’s ability to seek injunctions in competent jurisdictions.

Force majeure clause

If a party is prevented from performing its obligations under the agreement for one of the following reasons, and the reason is beyond reasonable control, including a national environmental or military emergency, such as fire, flood, explosion, war, strike, embargo, government rules, or civil Or acts or misses of military powers or airlines, communicators, suppliers, saboteurs or hackers (activities covered by force majeure clauses), the party ’s actions may be extended to cover an extended period of time or are incapable of such circumstances Situation for action. However, you must not fail to pay the fees you owe Ming San Consultancy Limited.


This agreement will be interpreted fairly, without support or objection to the interests of either party. The remedies available to Ming San Consultancy Limited, including those listed in this agreement, are not unique, but supplement other legal rights or compensation methods in the law or balance law.

Binding force

This agreement is binding on the signatories of the relevant agreements, their successors, descendants, representatives or authorized persons, and is valid for their benefit.

Exemption from liability

Under this agreement, neither party shall under any circumstances be liable for accidental, causal, indirect, special, exceptional or punitive or other losses caused by the other party. This clause applies even if one party is advised of the possibility of related losses. Although this Agreement contains the contrary, Ming San Consultancy Limited’s liability to you, regardless of any form of action, is limited to the amount paid.

Intellectual property

All materials provided to you under this agreement have intellectual property rights as part of the product or course or service, and may not be copied, photocopied, reproduced, published, or displayed in any form without the express written permission of Ming San Consultancy Limited. Without the express written permission of Ming San Consultancy Limited, you may not reuse, interpret, revise, transmit, repost or use the content or other delayed works in any form. All trademarks, logos and service marks on materials provided to you as part of your product or course or service are protected by Hong Kong and international copyright and intellectual property laws under this agreement. Reading any material or online content or part of a product or course or service under this agreement is not to be construed as issuing a license or authorizing the use of related content, including trademarks, logos and service marks of Ming San Consultancy Limited and other third parties.

All materials on this site may come from the Internet. If you violate your rights, please contact mysan@mysanft.com and we will delete them in time.

Terms of use agreement

You agree to the terms and details of the above-mentioned website (Ming San Consultancy Limited) use agreement.


You agree to the privacy policy terms and conditions on (Ming San Consultancy Limited). In accordance with our public privacy policy,


A disclaimer made by either party in breach of the agreement or misconduct will not be deemed to constitute a free statement of other or subsequent violations or omissions.
The failure of either party to enforce any provision shall not be deemed to waive this party’s right to subsequently enforce the relevant provision.

Batch execution agreement

If any provision of this agreement, or any part thereof, is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will remain fully enforceable and valid. An invalid or unenforceable clause will be deemed to be banned by another valid and enforceable clause that is closest to the intent of the clause.


You agree to protect against compensation, maintenance and no donation to Ming San Consultancy Limited, its affiliates, associates and their personnel, managers, employees, agents, lawyers, representatives, or any person authorized to handle your use of the Services or any Any person who claims, responsibilities, compensates, loses, loses, damages, costs and expenses, including costs and any other losses, a breach of the agreement. Breach of the agreement includes breach of your representations and warranties with respect to the above, or any content you post or post while using the service, causing Ming San Consultancy Limited to be liable to third parties.

Overall agreement

This agreement represents that the parties fully understand and agree to order products or courses or services. Any pre-signed agreements, understandings, and representations regarding products or courses or services, whether expressed or implied, in writing or verbally are not binding and influential.
All contents are subject to revision from time to time. You may receive a notice asking you to sign additional terms and conditions to participate in certain parts of a product or course or service. You can email Ming San Consultancy Limited: mysan@msanft.com to request a copy of this agreement and a copy of the product or course purchase terms.


If you have questions about this agreement or any aspect of our services, please contact Ming San Consultancy Limited at mysan@msanft.com
Last edited date 31-1-2020